Internet is the biggest treasure of information, where you can find anything and get detailed information. However, this vast source of information has become a nightmare for many individuals. It started with a mistake which ended with disaster – it happened when your negative image and link rank at top of the searches, it can be employed, affiliates or business partners. It can be any form of fun or leisure which will bring eventually a mugshot for you. Mugshot websites collect these photos and post them to see everyone. Whether you are guilty of any crime, high ranking in mug shots search results, and can actually eliminate destruction on your personal life and professional achievements.

Actual Scenario – Two months ago, one of my friend got arrested on a DUI charge. Although he was found guilty in the court but received an email after his trial, he was informed that his mugshot was depicted in the online database. An email claiming to be from a legitimate mugshot firm who posted it themselves on the own website and said that my mugshot could be removed for $ 500. He happily paid the fee. Negative Image and Content was taken down. Afterward, he started the search for a new job and after a week and he suddenly searches his name once again, found a lot of new negative mugshot and got depressed. So he got to know that the same website posted all the stuff to which he paid.

Suggestion – We suggest not hiring a firm who posted that negative content as they got an opportunity to earn which eventually harass. So, we would recommend hiring a reputation management firm to give permanent solutions to your problem.

Don’t worry; we can help you to remove a mugshot from Google permanently by starting the process of identifying who is the person who puts negative photos on the internet. During the intake process in county jails, the initial intention of a photo is due to two reasons such as:

  • Arrested police officers do not have the freedom to call anyone at their leisure, nor do they come and go. The picture acts as a method for identifying friends/family and the general public. Chances are that they are paid attention to the absence.
  • In the event an arrestee escapes custody unlawfully, they need a way to alert the general public of a fugitive.

Remove Mugshot from Google Search

Today, Star Welkin Solution has guided the essential steps to remove or suppressed the mugshot for Google search result such as:

Legal Options for Removal – If you live in a state that does not allow the removal of photos and mugshots for online then you are lucky that you just have to file a request on the site and then they have to delete the image. If your charges were removed, rejected, withdrawn, or your case was closed, then you are in the best position to remove this image. One thing to be aware of is that it is not a guarantee that your mugshot will not open on any other site or it will not be indexed anywhere else online. Although this is an ideal situation, do not let it prevent you from taking care of yourself and to ensure that your mugshot is not visible anywhere else online. You should be aware of your overall image status online. If you spoil the web and are not able to find your mugshot anywhere, they can consider paying the fee to see if things wrap or not. Again, keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that it cannot be seen again in the future.

Google Takedown Requests: We hear from many people who want to reach the search engine directly and try to de-index the Mugshot. Unfortunately, while Google and other search engines respect some types of requests, the removal of mugshot does not often come in their jurisdiction.

Follow a set of guidelines to accept or reject requests to remove search engines like Google. In the United States, Google will usually index the web pages that are shared:

  • Sensitive info like: social security numbers and other info that could cause identity theft or financial harm
  • Revenge Porn
  • Child Porn
  • Copyrighted Content/Works

Suppression – Best Solution for Mugshot Removal: We highly recommend suppression or removal as a most durable and active method and dealing with any other negative material about you.

  • It is the task of creating online properties and websites to further develop some negative qualities. There are some reasons why we recommend this option to most people.
  • We have helped thousands of people to deal with Mughshot issues and confidently say that this is the most reliable and long-term solution.
  • Once the process is completed, it helps in supplying the report to remove the draft report from Google search results. Apart from this, it ends the chance of visibility by burying it.
  • It helps control the search results. Contrary to what some lawyer has to go through or against the reports of the Reform report, you know that things are done properly or not, you will get success.
  • It builds up a positive online presence while you execute your mugshot Report removal strategy.
  • This will help them to rank in search engines for your name and will help to promote a big boost to an image associated with those accounts.

Advantage: In addition to the above removal guide, using the process of our three steps will help you to remove the mugshot and clean your overall online presence while others are searching for your name. When it comes to fighting against the Mugshots, we recommend that you create, optimize and monitor your online presence.

  • Creating a basic presence with social media accounts and a professional website
  • Optimizing these properties and content that you publish here for search engines
  • Monitoring changes in search results over time.

Hire Us: Star Welkin Solution is an online reputation company which provides mugshot removal services and with affordable prices. We offer the trusted solutions that have helped thousands get mugshots permanently removed from 100s of websites including Rap Sheets,, and and off of search engine results.