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What is ORM and how it useful or harmful?

Online reputation management (ORM) is about improving or restoring your name or the good state of your brand. It is about tackling, weakening or eliminating the negative content found on the Internet – to defeat it with more positive content to improve its reliability and customer trust. One of the most harmful things to do with your reputation is negative search results on Google’s first page. It can be a bad or unflattering review, a negative news story, Ripoff report, complaint, fraud or an article that portrays you or your business in an unfavorable manner.  However, if you do not manage it properly, it can have harmful effects with different scenarios such as:

Individual:  Let me guide you what are the problem is faced by them:

  • Job Less – A person will not be able to qualify the interviews because once his/her name will be searched online, the company will able to find the negative information which will automatically give them the reason for rejection.
  • Cannot Run An Online Business – In this step, the person cannot run his/her business online because they already have negative stuff online which will affect the customer trust.

Business:  Once you are able to find the negative information or reviews online, it affects your business and leads to the company’s failure with bad publicity which will eventually lose the trust.

What is Ripoff Reports:

Ripoff Reports on Google prove to be the most harmful threat to the company or individual because it will spoil your business and personal life because this site follows Google guideline and most powerful site to rank easily in Google results.

What Problem faced by USERS?

This problem is not much about people going to and searching for your company or individual. The trouble comes from the fact that it is notorious for a very good ranking in Google.

Why does this happen?

I don’t know the state of Google’s mission is to provide value and reliable content to its readers. The negative link will automatically rank to the top of the searches on your or business name.

Remove Ripoff Report Yourself

Today, Star Welkin Solutions will guide you the most important ways to remove the Ripoff Report from Google search result permanently such as:

  • Legal Removal Requests
  • Basic Option For Dealing With RipOff Reports
  • Advance and Fast Technique – Black Hat Seo
  • Suppressing – Best Way To Deal With

1. Legal Removal Requests:

If you have stuff on Google that may violate the law, please let us know, and we will carefully review the content and consider blocking, removing or restricting it. Offensive content on Google’s services may also violate Google’s product policies, so before you send us a legal request, consider flagging a post, image, or video for one of our content teams to review. For more information on our product and privacy policies, read our commitment to transparency and how to submit valid legal notices to Google, read below such as:

However, in all probabilities, this particular complaint will not come in those categories which are approved for removal requests.

You can also place legal advice in your search to remove these unsuccessful and unsubstantiated comments. Although there are some examples of people who successfully sued the Ripoff report, (often when a complaint on the site crosses to offensive to informative) it is not ideal if you can afford it, then it is definitely something Which you can try The negative result here is that the results are not compatible, and the legal process is a pain, which most people do not have to go through it. Expense and time investment for an alternative that does not guarantee to remove the report, the report also leaves people disappointed.

In addition, provides a “Corporate Advocacy Program”, which is a pay service to investigate the legitimacy of the claims made against you or your business on the Reform report site.


  • No need to hire a digital marketing company
  • Permanent solution
  • Once you get the legal notice you can directly reach out the website or Google to removal


  • It’s too costly
  • Time-consuming
  • You cannot be sure that once you get, legal notice the website or Google will be removed or not.

Join its “Corporate Advocacy Program”: In a nutshell, the Reform report will “investigate” the reports made about you and post your findings in the original report. If the offending reports are correct, then the Ripoff report can say that you have resolved the reports and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction (provided you make such commitment to the report.)

You Can Sue the Original Author of Report: Some people take this path because rarely the fundamental author has financial resources to pay for any monetary decision that can be obtained, besides the Reform report, to remove any abusive report from the original author that will not give permission, so they need to delete the report to receive court orders.

Cost: Prices and Effectiveness Range Reports legal removal services range starts from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.

2. Basic Option for Dealing With RipOff Reports:

People have usually taken one of five different options to deal with these harmful lists:

You Can Post a “Rebuttal” to the Offending Report: Rebuttals only appear under the original report and do not change the negative language that appears in the original list (which is usually visible in search engine results). This can sometimes make things even worse by providing more content to the search engine for the index.

Interestingly, Ripoff Report Now Offers a “VIP Arbitration Program:” Basically, you pay a fee to a Ripoff Report arbitrator and are then allowed to contest the truthfulness of the report made against you. If the arbitrator finds in your favor, Ripoff Report may redact the untruthful statements from the report.

3. Black Hat SEO Dealing With RipOff Reports:

In the search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and strategies that focus solely on search engines, not human viewers, and generally, do not follow search engine guidelines.

Blackhat SEO technology, encapsulated by spamdexing, how search engines understand the relevancy of a web page in such a way that it is often incompatible with search engine guidelines. Examples of hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam black hat SEO:

Cloaking: The most widely known black hat technique, Cloaking is the practice of cheating search engines, which is practiced by showing different content to Google and moving their website users to a different content or web page, which they think Search engine link after clicking on which they are running, For example, Google thinks that you are directing your web code to be on the football match update site, in fact when your website publishes information about the sale of children’s toys and goods. Google uses its search algorithm to detect such activities, and if detected, such websites are subject to penalties, which include injuring the website’s ranking or completely prohibiting the search engine.

Link-exchanges: Linking exchanges can really reduce your website’s ranking. This technique was effective in the old days until Google created algorithms to discourage such activity. Websites should focus on naturally linking rather than the exchange of quality and irrelevant links. Link Exchange is sure to get you many links in a short time, but this will not help you to improve your rank, and the possibility of ruining your SEO efforts is more.

Duplicate Content: Duplication or copying content from any other website is the worst black hat SEO technique. Google search engine algorithms are modified all the time and then only to index original and unique content. Search engines do not index ‘original’ content more than once. In fact, all such copied content is wasted. Therefore, you should pay attention to your SEO efforts in creating unique and original website content.

Keyword Stuffing: This technique would have worked back in the old days, but now with Google’s search and ranking algorithms. If your website has a right to a topic, it is absolutely right to include relevant and more information about it. But, after every 2 sentences on every page, your site looks like spammy, and not only harms your search engine crawler but also harms the human visitors to your site. Someone should only include the relevant and balanced amount of the Meta tag and do not go overboard in doing so.

Advantages of Black Hat SEO:

  • It is a spamming technique. We can spam our bad link in Google search engine and never bear again in future.
  • This is ethical SEO method which is used to increase profits for the SERP page and visitors.
  • Very effective to produce faster results.

Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO:

  • If the site was verified to have been with Black Hat SEO, the website can be banned from SERP.
  • The disadvantage of black hat technology takes your site to a higher position on Google for a short period only.
  • Floods internet with spam.

Cost: Prices and Effectiveness Range Reports legal removal services range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000.

4. Suppressing – Best Way To Deal With:

It is a method to use in the ORM industry to minimize the reputation damage of negative content. Very much like SEO, which uses strategies to make your business more visible in the SERP, reverse SEO uses various techniques to suppress negative results on Google search and other search engines, causing positive page negatives Move forward with people so that no one can find your business name will see undesired results.

It is the task of building online properties and websites to overcome some negative (in this case a report). There are some reasons why we recommend this option to most people.

You deal with your primary problem. Suppressing the Ripoff report has the same effect when it is done properly, then it is removed from Google search results. By burying it, you can eliminate the chance of anyone who sees it after you.


  • Long-term Strategy
  • Best User Experience
  • No risk involved
  • Stability
  • Future-safe


  • It will take more time.
  • We have to work on regular basis.
  • Results aren’t instant
  • Content creation is time-consuming

Cost: Prices and Effectiveness Range Reports legal removal services range from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

Here are few activities which you can follow to generate more positive links with high domain authority to push down negative search result such as:

How To Manage Public Profiles for Yourself: Certain sites consistently appear high in the search results. By simply creating a profile on them with your name and a bit of identifying information, you can suppress negative results.

Make sure that you set your privacy settings to be publicly viewed, and only post content that you’re absolutely sure you won’t regret later. Some of the High PR sites such as Crunchbase, Gust, Levo, Cake Resume and Visually.

Comment Publicly in News Articles, Forums, and Social Media: You can also use your real name to register on news websites and to comment on articles, although these types of posts do not rank as high on the sites listed above. If you are ready for a little self-censorship, posting under your real name can be a smart strategy to sell yourself.

By knowing that whatever you say online can show when someone gives you Google’s advantage to use for your benefit: intelligent, grammatical-correct, spell-check, well-reasoned content posts do it. Express yourself in the area in which you want to be established.

Social Media Creating and Updating:  Social media sites are other assets that are generally the important source of content to take ownership of your name. These are some of the profiles which can use for better results: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. There are idiosyncrasies with each of them which are important to maximizing their ranking.

Blogging: Blogs are another element that can be very valuable. Not only does a blog give you a place where you can tell about things in some cases, so that you can return the claims, but it can give you a place to communicate directly to the public – such as You have some kind of incident where you or your company has taken a black eye in the matter of publicity.

It is one of the SEO technique in which we can submit blogs on different directories in which you can your site details which helps to increase the ranking of your site. Some of the highest PR sites such as,, and

Paid Press Release Submission: Press release can be useful as you can write a press release for yourself or your company, and submit a high rights press release to the website. You can write a press release about any life event, you have graduated from college; you have started a new job. There are good prospects of ranking on search results on the press release website.

Create Multimedia: Creating multimedia is also beneficial for ranking. Therefore, create some videos, images, PDFs, slideshows, and documents – the proper title, description, tag and reference link by your name or your company name. Videos like YouTube, Vimeo and others can easily rank on search engines.

Why Use Exact Domain Names: Register domain names that match your name and business and their variations, as exact keyword phrases will do best on Google. An exact domain match can help you target one, specific keyword phrases. Your link text and domain name naturally match. The domain name will be highlighted in Google’s search results, thus listing more visibility.

Exact match domains names, as the name suggests, are domain names that match the search keyword term such as:

  • com
  • org
  • biz

How Long Does Ripoff Report Removal Take: On average, the professional establishment management firm takes approximately 45-60 days to knock off the report from Google’s first page? It takes a little longer; this is not an accurate science. The problem with doing it yourself is that you understand it trying to spend countless hours and cannot get after 2 months! If this is the case and you decide to give it to a firm and take it, then you have still gone two months earlier. It is not like that most people are excited. What is more valuable? Is it saving money that you spend on recruiting the firm, or is it a business that you lost in two months, which you tried to do yourself?

Hire Us: If you are not able to do this or have no spare time, you can hire us. We at Star Welkin Solutions can manage your business reputation by using innovative marketing ideas and tactics. It is a one of the leading company which provides the help to individual or company to eliminate the negative feedback and bad link from their website.